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Will do, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to have a personal message from Fletch. Really, one of the most important things for me is contact with the fans, we do the Neighbours bus tour here in Victoria, where people come to Ramsey Street and meet the actors, we have a Neighbours night where my band plays so I meet a couple of hundred fans every Monday down there, and I have a lot of Twitter going on too. We’ve got a storyline going at the moment where the men and women are having a contest to raise as much money for something, it’s difficult to explain without giving it away..

He’s played the world’s favourite doctor for the past sixteen years, been the front man and singer in The Waiting Room for the past five, and would do almost anything for his legions of almost obsessive fans. It’s wonderful to be renewing my relationship with the Walkabout chain as well, I used to do a lot of my gigs in those venues and then they stopped being so much of a live music venue, but now they’ve revitalised that part of it and it’s great to be a part of it and doing such big gigs. We were on at five in the afternoon and there were about 5000 students there, it was one of the most special gigs of all time. And of course Nottingham will always remain very special for me because on the night we played Nottingham Walkabout, Liverpool - my team - won the European trophy for the fifth time, so I walked straight on stage and sang You’ll Never Walk Alone with the crowd. Every gig’s a major excitement, it’s fresh, new and different and you have to adapt every time.

When we heard that we was heading to The Walkabout in Nottingham as part of a UK tour, we called up Alan Fletcher, AKA Neighbour’s Dr Karl Kennedy, for a quick chat about music, his fans and being referred to as a DILF... To be honest I’ve had a bit of a crazy day, I was in the studio this morning, in the Kennedy house, and then I’ve been running round all day organising for the tour - all while keeping a firm eye on the cricket, it’s quite a special day for us and not England’s finest day! Hopefully we can get 5000 into the walkabout on Tuesday! I suppose that interaction is what makes music differ from your acting career...

She was gracious enough to stop for a quick chat about her sudden, and pretty much unwanted, fame. Amanda Marcum Enfield: I think it's been about ... I really wasn't doing much then either because I had moved to Florida and had my children and basically just stopped.

Big Mac Blog: You are used to being in front of the camera. It was hard to move to Tallahassee and have kids and all of that.

Amanda Marcum Enfield: As much as I do appreciate it and it's nice, but I don't know that I am completely comfortable with it.

I don't know that I could do what I used to do and be the mom I want to be. 7/104.) Cracked: This humble little food truck is truly the semblance of the American dream: food preparation in a mobile form.While it’s usually parked across the street from Joe’s next to the puke-filled bushes of the frat across the street during the night, it finds residence all the way in Urbana by Krannert during the daytime hours.The difference between Marcum and Webb is that one is dying for the camera while the other appears she would rather be done with them. Amanda Marcum is a former model who once graced the pages of Maxim, but is now married with three children with Andy Enfield. As 15th-seeded FGCU upset Georgetown and San Diego State in the second and third rounds of this NCAA Tournament, the camera crews could not show Marcum enough. Marcum is again with her team, and her three little kids, this time in Arlington as they prepare to play Florida in the Sweet 16 on Friday night. Big Mac Blog: When was the last time you worked as a model? I'm not sure I quite understand, or what's going on. 9/102.) Antonio’s: We’re gonna be honest, we thought Antonio’s was closed so we skipped it and went into Brother’s for a LIT pitcher.