Punjabi girls online fuk chating without log on oct 2017

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Punjabi girls online fuk chating without log on oct 2017

It’s our zamana (age).”“The social changes reflect in our everyday language,” says Aligarh-based Urdu poet Akhlaq Mohammad Khan Shahryar, the lyricist for Muzaffar Ali’s film Umrao Jaan, who received the Jnanpith Award in September. ”This slur is like a nursery rhyme compared with the chartbuster song Bhaag DK Bose from Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly.

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The multifarious and the nefarious all have a home here.”Samosapedia invites readers to sign up as volunteers by exhorting: “Join us, yaar!Although earlier generations may have punctuated their speech with swear words, it’s only recently that they have begun encroaching on to popular culture through cinema, music and what we read at our breakfast table. There’s no wonderful ‘chutnification’ happening here.” The only memorable chutnification of urban India’s language took place decades ago.Journalist Indrajit Hazra’s columns in Hindustan Times (Mint is published by HT Media Ltd, which also publishes Hindustan Times) are frequently filled with cuss words such as “KLPD”. The pioneers were two authors who would perhaps not like to be compared with each other: Shobhaa De and Arundhati Roy.Create an account, share your words, and maaja maadi!Or else, just linger around, checkout the Daily Chutney and yenjoy! “Language is the storehouse of memory,” says Hindi poet Ashok Vajpeyi, who heads Lalit Kala Akademi, a premier art institution in Delhi.Nobody dresses formally in colleges; it’s shorts, sandals and T-shirts.

Similarly, there’s nothing official about how we speak and write. The word ‘sexy’ has become a popular adjective.”Jaskaran, a class XI student in a south Delhi school who didn’t want his full name used, says, “If my mother has made a good meal, and I compliment her saying, ‘Mummy, rajma-chawal is sexy’, it’s not thought rude.” Within his circle, Jaskaran is known for peppering every sentence with cuss words. “When the first of the recent quake tremors hit Delhi a few weeks ago, Jaskaran’s classmate, a girl, SMSed him, saying, “Bhais ki aankh!Jaan never take tension of mine m fine, u take care of urself. ” Mobile-phone texting and Internet chatting is changing the way we think and visualize our language.Thanks to this parallel mode of communication, we are writing and reading more than we did in the past, but our ability to express feelings has been reduced to jargon and abbreviations.Today, the language of urban India is becoming less self-conscious.” In the popular Dil Se column in HT City, a supplement of Hindustan Times, college students write love messages in which each sentence is an artwork of various languages woven into a mesh of film titles, SMS terms, acronyms, keyboard symbols and Internet slang.One such message should be a compulsory read for linguist professors:“Kavita, Hope jaan u had taken decision? We are at a stage where we are trying to find new identities for ourselves but clearly we can’t find it in one language,” says Rupleena Bose, a college lecturer at Delhi University who is working on an independent documentary called English-India, which aims to explore the sounds of urban India.“You could say something very crass or violent or rabble-rousing in perfect Hindi/Urdu like the lunatic fringe in many political parties. I’m all for throwing antiquated usage out of the window and speagging, wridding, thingging like this only! “I detest words and phrases like ‘we do this only’ or ‘anyways’ or ‘I am having a very nice dress’, even if it’s in a direct quote,” says Sanchita Guha, the copy-desk head of Marie Claire, a women’s magazine with target readership in the age band of early 20s to late 30s.

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