Problems updating to 4 01

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Problems updating to 4 01 - Dating gratuit direct tchat

First I thought it was Snapchat because I read somewhere that there are camera problems, so I stopped using it. From then I have made a factory and a master reset, rooted the phone and even installed CM 12. The only way to get it out of the boot loop is to connect it to a charger that is not a fast charger.Then it starts charging and works normally and you can do everything normally.

There's a couple of steps that we can take to help get you back up and running. You'll see the run menu pop up: As in the picture, locate your local appdata folder by typing %localappdata%, then hit enter.You may use the solutions we provided but if they won’t work, then fill up this questionnaire.Be accurate as much as possible especially in describing the problem so we can easily help you.Problem: I recently changed my battery (purchased from Samsung – genuine part) as the phone was dying at 40%.Began fine, however after a month or so, my phone began freezing on certain apps. It's possible that another running program or a previous instance of Firefox that did not close properly is interfering with the Firefox update process.

This error can also occur if you share your computer with other users, and another user's account is still logged in with Firefox running.

The contacts are saved but the names aren’t being displayed. Have tried clearing the app cache couple of times to no avail.

I know this because when I go to create a txt message the name appears but when I select it only displays the number. Trying to avoid the hard reset, have backed up all date, but rather not go the hard reset yet. Any workable suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It worked fine but last month shortly after the 5.1.1 update I did it started randomly restarting for no reason.

Sometimes it would reset itself, and other times I would have to remove the battery to force reset.

Over the past few days, the problem with the phone freezing has gotten worse, happening almost every time I open any app.

If you happen to be on an Windows 8.1 there's an extra step that you'll need to take in upgrading your . You can do so, by making all available system updates to your OS (even the optional ones) That should do the trick!

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