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I don't think that many women really understand the power of making a man feel really sexually accepted and appreciated and that you just love giving him pleasure.And by "power" I don't mean in a manipulative way, but just the power to make him feel happy, and then share in those feelings.

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Gareth Quinn, 32, became resentful after a woman he’d met online called things off — and oh man, he did a lot more than urinate on her comforter.

Howard Shaw, a prosecutor at Leeds Crown Court, confirmed Quinn had sent the woman a series of taunting messages on Whats App that displayed a photo of her sex toys and alcohol. Apparently, the woman immediately knew she was talking to Quinn, and she called the police. He was released on bail under the condition that he wouldn’t contact his victim.

His freedom didn’t last long, though, because he texted the woman the following day using the same exact phone as before.

Then Quinn found out she would be out of town on August 19, so he did what all sane people do: He broke into her house through a window. Here’s the kicker: The victim’s 17-year-old daughter was home the entire time, and she didn’t even know Quinn was there.

After making his way to her bedroom, he not only peed on her bed, but he also stole a bottle of alcohol, two tablets, a credit card and two sex toys. The sicko thought he’d gotten away with his crime, and continued to message the woman. After asking who was sending the messages, Quinn replied and said, Nope, not OK.

According to Metro, the 32-year-old creeper from Scotgate Road, Honley, took extreme measures after a fling ended, and his behavior will make you want to delete your Tinder profile.

First, he allegedly started harassing the female — whose name hasn’t been reported — and then posted her phone number on adult websites.

It's not a self-esteem or humiliation issue or anything.

Seems like what I enjoy about it is the intimacy, and the sense of giving if I offer, and the domination if he initiates it (I'm quite submissive).

But mostly I think it's that I imagine it must feel great for a guy, or make him feel really accepted. Like, did you think about it first then it happened? I wasn't even kidding about it and it actually really turns me on when I'm in the mood for it.

It's also a great way of starting a blowjob, as I'll be really turned on by this point. Honestly, if I were a dude and a girl swallowed my piss, I'd actually not piss in her mouth, but I'd feel like I was bitch-slapping her dignity. Obviously it can't be just anyone, it has to be someone super-extra-special (to me), and I guess it just strengthens that feeling and that's part of the charm of it.

Also, it's just amazing to see a guy just relax and let go and enjoy himself when he's in the rare position to feel really sexually wanted and have his sexual desired fulfilled happily and easily by a woman.

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    One of the protestors, Paula Brindisi, said: “This is a campaign of acceptance, accepting one self and the other.“It is frowned upon to see a women’s breasts, but if a man does nobody is surprised."We have initiated a series of public and private activities to externalise our right to own our bodies and our thoughts, claim to be accepted, or solidarity with those who are curtails this possibility.”She added: "We want to promote acceptance and nudity as something natural and not as something perverse or sexual purposes."According to Argentine media, the women wanted to spread the idea of freedom and encourage nudity as something natural.