Peer guardian lists not updating

17-Sep-2015 20:25 by 8 Comments

Peer guardian lists not updating - whatsapa girl online

Since Peer Block still defaults to using the old Peer Guardian lists hosted by Phoenix Labs, this means that Peer Block may not be able to update its lists.

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The servers seem to be much faster than the Phoenix Labs ones, and are That's it!Clicked list manager and it opens and shows the list of blocklists that you have loaded.I can't remember if they came preset or if I had to load them myself, been a while.I just make sure they are all ticked, then get out of that and hit the 'check updates' button as I have my Settings configured to check lists as well as program files. Problems with PG2 updating, real simple download and install block list manager and problem solved. Firewall problem or maybe, your blocking PG2 in one of the block lists :-)Oh should mention I get my lists from does have a habit of blocking itself at times, especially if you use the HTTP block, if you are turn the bloody thing off. I'm getting the same general errror, whenever i try to update pg it says its downloading then it says "Error Contacting URL: Failed to connect to No error"All the other lists seem to update properly, and when i actually went to the address came back at me with the following error Error: 403 Forbidden Error when attempting to use the Coral Content Distribution Network (Apparently the PG links are the same servers as Bluetack (if I've been following correctly on Blutack's and PG's sites/forums).

People haven't realised this and are effectively downloading the same lists twice from the servers each time they update.

Back OT, I've noticed that sometimes it has trouble connecting to update the lists but usually don't worry too much as it is not a 100% failsafe at the end of the day.

There has been some issues with people having PG setup to download the normal blocklists from the PG links as well as the lists from uk when in fact they are the same lists.

My number for it with p2p, advertising, and spyware is 776,360,913. I know iblock has its own thing now and I was wondering if they have stopped sending list out for updates. the "Level1" list that we call the "P2P" list in Peer Block's List Manager - were having some problems with their server, such that list updates were not correctly being spread to all their mirror servers.

It turns out that Bluetack - the folks who author e.g.

The fact remains: the Peer Guardian list servers are notoriously unreliable, and I still strongly recommend that people update their Peer Block configuration to switch over to the lists outlined in this post.

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