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In this washing step a 16.7% solution of Na SO was again used.This washing step removed an additional 15% of non-toxic nitrogen from the cake.

Although p H control here is not wholly essential it is advantageous to bring the p H to approximate neutrality by adding 12% Na CO A precipitation time of 45 minutes was necessary to obtain complete removal of the toxin. CRAIG ETAL 3,060,165 PREPARATION OF TOXIC RICIN Filed July 3, 1952 LSlurry with water I p H of 3.8 sou using 5% u so, LPrecipitate with N 80 p H of 7 using l2% Na, CO, l Wash filter cake with |6.7% M0 80 I Single extraction Wash solution Extract with wateri p H of 3.8#O.l using H 80 iii Precipitate with Na Ip H of 7 using i2% Na ()0 [E'E l Wash filter cake with l6.7% No.80 I Wash solution Grind cake to 40 mesh Slurry with CCI. Because of its relative instability, ricin must be handled with extreme care. It is believed that the toxic action is catalytic rather than stoichiometric which probably accounts for the high toxicity of the agent.A careful p H control is essential in order that as much non-toxic protein as possible may be eliminated and also that the filtration rate may be held at a satisfactory value.Either HCl or H 80 may be used to get the desired p H for the extraction water, but H 50 is preferred due to its lower corrosion rate and ease of handling in concentrated form.After filtration the filter cake, which contains the ricin in combination with the Na SO may be dried and slurried with CCL, to separate the ricin by flotation.

Separation of the ricin after a single precipitation and washing step is possible, but it is preferred to carry the process through an additional extraction and precipitation step.

This amount and concentration of salt solution was about optimum considering the factors of cost and toxin recovery.

Somewhat higher concentrations and larger amounts of solution can be used, however.

In preparing the protein material, the castor beans are first ground and pressed to remove most of the oil.

The pressed cake still retains about 15% oil and this may be removed by means of solvents which will extract an additional 150 pounds of oil per ton of beans and reduce the oil retained in the cake to a little over 1%.

After precipitation, the slurry was filtered using from 1 to 4% filter aid, based on slurry weight, for satisfactory filtration; the amount of filter aid needed being dependent on the type of press used.

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