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That’s usually the first thing everyone says when they meet him," insists Vicor Adprom Manager Merle Mercado, making it sound almost like an apology. Since the age of three, we were taking piano and violin lessons from my aunt. Yup, I’m the stereotypical bunso."Paolo describes his Ate Rina in superlatives.Paolo’s pictures often fall short of expectations: he is neither photogenic nor telegenic. Acting for me was a way to express myself and break out of my shell when I was in high school. In some ways, some people would even say I was a bit annoying," Paolo insists, not a bit embarrassed. She also sings and so, naturally, we ended up singing too. She is a better singer, more attractive and smarter than him.

By the time you read this, Paolo will no longer be in town, and doesn’t even know when he’ll be back."How am I like at home? "Really relaxed almost to the point of being unsettling for me because I like being busy.

In June of 2002, the Montalbans flew in to attend a family reunion.

The self-confessed workaholic found himself on TV hosting abs-cbn’s Magandang Tanghali Bayan for a week.

The cameras don’t lie; they just don’t tell the complete truth. Growing up in New Jersey and New York kept him from having a barkada. And in church, we’d sing really loud," he laughs heartily. Actually, she is everything Paolo has always wanted to be.

Another truth is that though Paolo has license to be full of himself, he isn’t. Sure he had friends but he was never the type to hang out."As a boy, I was really quiet. Though he doesn’t think himself totally without talent, he says some of his achievements were more accidental than deserved.

His career as a performer began a decade ago with the national tour of The Man of La Mancha. I was into the King Solomon story about the two women with the baby.

Then came memorable roles like Prince Charming (in Disney’s remake of Cinderella co-starring Brandy, Whoopi Goldberg, Whitney Houston and Jason Alexander) and Kung Lao (in the Mortal Kombat TV series). Then, there’s that one with Moses and Moses hits the rock and water comes out of the rock. I later found out from Discovery Channel that manna is actually a combination of bird saliva and pollen or something like that," Paolo says confidently. " he enthuses, his eyebrows raised and lowered maliciously.

Look, I like being around women because they’re beautiful and they’re soft. There was actually a study comparing the testosterone level of stage actors and football players. Failing causes the testosterone level to drop."By now it seems clear that Paolo enjoys spicing up conversations with bits of trivia.

They’re kinda like me–gentle and soft, you know. Stage actors actually had higher testosterone levels because of the adulation. Research is also something that occupies much of his time.

Later gma-7 asked him to host the Miss Asia Pacific pageant in November. Vicor took notice of his performance during the airing of that show. Technically, Paolo is a foreigner learning a second language. The only time his parents spoke Filipino was when they were upset.

He was already spending the holidays with his folks in New Jersey when the company presented him with a recording offer."Sometimes I feel that my family is more supportive of my career in the Philippines than they were when I started out in the States. Maybe because the only channel my mom watches is the Filipino Channel. To blend in, Paolo and his Ate Rina were encouraged to speak fluent English.

Adding to the shame of the defeat was that Paolo was garbed in the latest sportswear while the cosuins were in their tsinelas. Most of the students in the small exclusive school were kids of entertainers.