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Pages not updating wordpress - Sexy mom webcam

To read the explanation of this particular function I’d recommend checking out part 1.The only major difference to the function itself is that instead of the adding the function to the Word Press head, it is run immediately.

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If a post isn’t found with this title, then the $post_data is used to create a new post.

The Current Post variable ( as well as the other 2 data variables ) are updated to hold this new post’s data.

This is good for checking the post you have just made.

If a post or page cannot be found with the specified parameters, an error will be added to the $errors array.

You can call and display this with the following code.

The create() and update() functions both use local variables as the source of their data. The first 5 variables are set as you can see above. // SET POST SLUG public function set_post_slug( $slug ) // SET PAGE TEMPLATE public function set_page_template( $content ) // ADD CATEGORY IDs TO THE CATEGORIES ARRAY public function add_category( $IDs ) These last three are a bit more complicated, but very important to avoid horrible errors.

The set_post_slug() function is something you need to be very careful with.

Instantiate the class as follows; Post Controller works like this; you set post attributes using the relevant functions. To update a post, you need to have first searched and found one to update. I have included validation to try and avoid this at all costs though. Template (Pages Only) This method allows you to set your page’s template (must be a page).

If applied to a different post type it will be ignored, and an error will be added to the errors array.

The second block will hold the actual Word Press post data which our search query will return (or the data about a created post after it has been created).

The ‘$PC_current_post’ variable will hold an object of the whole post.

Please note that I have included the ‘PC_’ just out of good habit: variable names should never be ambiguous. If you change this remember to also change the prefix in the get_var() function.

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