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Just a day later, Syfy announced it was giving the series one more episode to wrap itself up.

It makes me feel like I’m really performing or acting, when you get to embody a character.“But, thankfully before I received a response,” she continues.“[Executive producers] Jaime Paglia, Todd Sharp and [producer] Bruce Miller called and told me what happened.” When the cancelation was announced, the cast was set to shoot the Season 5 finale in just days and they worried that the series wouldn’t get an appropriate ending.Do you feel any type of responsibility when it comes to how you portray her?I think that it’s incredibly important that there are strong women out there, but I think there’s always degrees. Sciatica can be difficult, otherwise I have been very fortunate," she explained.

"Ultrasounds are probably my favorite - being able to see my little one.Do you enjoy it, or is it more just a by-product of Vancouver being such a genre-heavy town in terms of what films here?But I’m really a huge fan of anything fantasy oriented.It's all an amazing experience."Cerra and Fiore have dated since high school and married in November were both confused and angered after Syfy reversed its recent decision to extend the show for a six-episode sixth season – effectively canceling it.The Hollywood Reporter: What was the general feel and reaction on-set after the news broke?

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