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It comes from a superstition of impurity, with the logic that if women touches things it will pass on that impurity and provide bad-luck or illness.

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The tradition is called Chhaupadi, popular in western-nepalese hindu communities, it is common for girls to remain excluded from interaction with the family for up to 6-10 days, childbirth can also result in a 10 day exclusion.

That’s why I try to help younger girls who seem as confused as me when I had my first menstruation.

I tell them to focus on cleanliness and hygiene" (Water Aid)Bandana Khadka,15: "This is the scene I wake up to every morning when I face towards the eastern side.

It helps women feel that they are able to play a full role in society, no matter what time of the month." Sushma Diyali,15: "This is the picture of mirror and comb that I use at my house.

In our society, when girls experience their first menstruation we are not allowed to look into mirrors or comb our hair. I think mirrors and combs are the means of cleanliness and as a human it’s very important that you should stay clean and healthy. If someone is inside, other person has to wait outside pushing the door for her.

This picture reflects the hills and peaks along with the beautiful sunrise that is visible from my home.

It feels really good to get soaked in the morning sun.was outlawed by the Supreme Court of Nepal in 2005, however it is still commonplace in rural communities.Manisha, 14, who took part in the project explained the limitations put on her during her when she began her first period: “I stayed at someone else’s house during my first period.When I had my first menstruation, I was not allowed to look into the sun directly.But regardless of that I still looked at it and nothing happened to me.Only if my friends just like me could grow in an environment where are no limitations regarding menstruation and receive more support from the families, they can set themselves free and explore greater potential and opportunities around them is what I think." (Water Aid)Sushma Diyali,15,: "This is the girl’s toilet of our school. Because of lack of latrines in our school, we have to wait in the long line.