Nbc dating in the dark

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is a soon-to-be-released movie about Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date.It’s easily the least anticipated film of all time, but NBC is literally splooging all over themselves with glee reviewing this future flop.

I say if you are going to make something up, throw in some car chases and explosions, maybe some zombies too.PHOTOS: Summer TV Preview "This series offers something for everyone in a unique game-show format that rewards families who know their pop-culture trivia," said NBC president of alternative and late-night programming Paul Telegdy."Our celebrities will add an extra element of surprise as they too will have their knowledge tested -- providing a high potential for many unpredictable and raucous answers." Endemol USA (based on the international format that aired in more than 50 countries and aired on NBC for four seasons, consistently ranking as one of NBC's highest-rated shows."With its dramatic game play and celebrities supplying a steady stream of comedy, has the ingredients to be the next hit," said David Goldberg, chairman and CEO of Endemol North America."It isn't enough for families to know the correct answer to pop-culture trivia questions.Barrymore will serve as the narrator for the show, which offers a look at a variety of real first dates happening throughout one night at the same restaurant in Chicago. Barrymore has primarily focused on film, but she has been involved in various TV projects in her career.

The daters are of all ages, backgrounds and from across the U. The audience will be along for the ride in an experience that is meant to play like a real-life romantic comedy. In addition to starring in the short-lived series “2000 Malibu Road,” she executive produced the reality shows “Tough Love” and “Tough Love: Couples,” as well as the reality cooking show “Knife Fight.” She also executive produced the rebooted version of “Charlie’s Angels” in 2011."This Is Us" is fall TV's biggest freshman hit -- and it's really not all that close.The one-hour show premiered as NBC's most-watched scripted series in the time period in 7 years.In order to win big money, contestants need to predict which of our eclectic panel of celebrities also knows the correct answer.Audiences will be constantly amused and surprised by our celebrities' answers.Normally I wouldn’t concern myself with a liberal network’s review of a liberal film, but there is something odd in NBC’s coverage: Apparently Barack Obama has a “dark side” and part of his evil ways was that he used to date white women.