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[See note 1] But if the entrepreneurs are taking a big financial risk, the Communist Party is taking a bigger political risk.

Closed for half a century in a state of perpetual socialist revolution but now wide open to global commerce, China has been hyped as the ultimate digital frontier, a vast nation of eager Netizens anxious to trade news and ideas as well as goods and services.Since the earliest days of the Chinese revolution, the media has been used to reinforce state power.Soon after the Communist Party was formed in the 1920s, underground cadres were placed inside Chinese newspapers with the specific task of spreading Party propaganda.Huang also exposed a racket that was forcing Chinese fishermen to undergo appendectomies, apparently so that local officials could make money from the surgery.Huang is one of seven people arrested for Internet-related "crimes" in China since 1998.He was still in jail at the end of 2000, but supporters quickly copied his site to a U. server, and its content remained accessible from China in early January. "You don't have to arrest too many people before everyone gets the message," said an American newspaper correspondent in Beijing.

"The government here is very good at intimidation." In Russia, much of the Middle East, Cuba, and dozens of other countries around the world today, the Internet is a battleground between citizens who want to express themselves and governments who want to restrict online speech and use information technology to spy on their citizens.

If they lose control of it, something will happen to challenge their authority." --Guo Liang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, in an interview with CPJ.

On June 3, 2000, police in Chengdu arrested the founder of China's first human-rights Web site,

China is a crucial test case in this global struggle because it is one of the world's fastest-growing Internet markets.

But a rash of new Internet regulations demonstrate that the Communist government is determined, however quixotically, to maintain control over the Web. The author was referring to the Internet, but the argument is as old as Chinese Communism itself.

They are here now (the policemen), so long." Earlier, Beijing authorities had commended Huang after his Web site helped find thousands of women who had been abducted in rural China and sold into marriage.

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