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After the release of their first CD, the Tigers Girls gained popularity in Yangon, but received criticism for their unconventional appearance and performance style.

The Tiger Girls were formed as a result of a talent competition sponsored by Australian dancer Nicole "Nikki" May and Burmese entrepreneur U Moe Kyaw.

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The Group's stage names are "Chilli" (Kimi), "Tricky" (Wai Hnin), "Missy" (Cha Cha), "Electro" (Htike Htike) and "Baby" (Ah Moon).

Their early performances followed traditional K-Pop style, a popular form of music originating from South Korea.

In June 2012, the Group signed with Dan Hubbert, owner of American record production company Power House Music of Los Angeles.

During the trip, the Group performed at the closing performance of the Women in the World Summit in New York City.

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Bands are realizing the need to write original music rather than doing ripped versions of international tracks. Indie rockers, punks, drum-and-bass DJs, dubstep DJs and some great dance producers are emerging." The Group travelled outside Myanmar to Bangkok, Thailand in 2011 and Singapore in 2012.

As their exposure in the region increased, the Group caught to the eye of a record executive in the United States.

In January 2010, May auditioned 120 women at the 50th Street Bar in Yangon.