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They also show the vehicle just prior to entering the intersection while the light is red and the vehicle within the intersection while the light is red.

What if I did not own the vehicle or it was stolen when the violation occurred?

In order to arm the system, Redflex will place a passive sensor on the electrical leads to the signal lights.

This sensor will detect the change in electrical current necessary to change the light from green to yellow to red. Photo enforcement is installed at these locations: Why were these locations selected?

Under these circumstances the Notice of Violation issued as a result of the photo enforcement would be dismissed.

The violator would still be responsible for the summons issued by the law enforcement official. If I do not pay the fine or appear in court, can I be arrested?

Peters implemented a proactive photo enforcement program to help address the dangers associated with running a red light.

By reducing the amount of intersection crashes we will improve safety and prevent serious injury. Selected intersections in the City have been equipped with automated red light camera equipment.Three digital still images will be included with the Notice of Violation.The video can be viewed if you have Internet access.The video is available online for 60 days from the date of violation.How can I view a video of a red light violation or pay a fine online? Does a violation of this ordinance go on my driving record?A driver that enters the intersection after the signal turns red will receive a ticket.

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