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“I don’t know how I will feel the first time I put a bikini on, but I’m so excited,” the 2015 Miss Northern Ireland told Sunday Life.“I haven’t been on holiday in about two years, but I feel like it was something I put off before because I didn’t want to wear a bikini because I was so flat-chested and I just felt like everyone was looking at my chest.“I wouldn’t mind doing lingerie modelling because I’ve done bikini shoots before.

I was just screaming, ‘I’ve got boobs, I’ve got boobs’.You have to make these kind of decisions for yourself.” Leanne, who runs online fashion boutique Pretty Dolly, added: “Before the surgery, it didn’t matter how nice something was.I felt like bodysuits were the only clothes that suited me because I was so flat-chested and I couldn’t just wear bodysuits my whole life.“For me, it wasn’t about having massive boobs, it was about being more womanly and feeling better about myself, which I already do.It wasn’t something people were nasty about, I just knew that I was different.My friends all had big boobs and I always felt like the odd one out.At her summer palace of Rambouillet, Marie Antoinette played out a milkmaid fantasy at her mock dairy farm, and the story goes that her husband the king commissioned artist Jean-Jacques Lagreneé of Sévres, a legendary French porcelain producer, to create a ceramic (literally, a "breast bowl") for the dairy, in the shape of a single, perfect breast.

But no evidence exists to support the notion that the queen's interests led her to offer her own anatomy as the model for a glass.

When I was 13, I started to become very aware of my chest.

When you’re that age, everyone tells you that you’re going to develop and how their sister didn’t develop until she was 18, but that never happened to me.“So, when I was 18, I decided I was going to book it, but I decided I wanted to wait until after Miss Northern Ireland, because I didn’t want other girls to feel like they needed to change themselves.“Even now, I would still tell people not to change themselves to try to be like someone else.

I love them.”While her chest is still tender and her prescribed painkillers are making her very sleepy, Leanne is in no doubt that the surgery was worth it and is looking forward to returning to work at ACA Models next week.

cae: and Christine witarla walking tall: Leanne can’t wait to get back to modelling SO HAPPY: Leanne, also below, in some of her modelling shoots and (above) her message on Snapchat following breast surgery By Ali Gordon LEANNE Mc Dowell can’t wait to show off her new assets.

I already have one adorable five-year-old and now I had another handsome prince to add to my happy, little...

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