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Some of these stories might be offensive to certain people in certain situations.If you are a strong advocate of political correctness or are easily offended please don't read this page, or the rest of this website, and for goodness sake don't go near the acronyms page.

Many of these stories refer to different forms of the human condition, and to people from different parts of the world.

Anyone seeking examples of political incorrectness and stereotyping of all sorts will find lots here.

This is a major aspect of storytelling and unavoidable in many cases I'm sorry.

Read and enjoy and send me your own favourite stories and anecdotes.

See also the quotes page, which contains many more motivational, educational and amusing anecdotes for writing, speaking, learning, teaching and training.

The student who took thirty seconds was judged the best. " The story is one of several similar urban myths which make fun of supposedly high-minded theorizing and academia, in which an apparently very difficult or impossible question is defeated by a very simple quick 'clever' answer. After eating, the boy went to his room and the man went to reception and asked to see the manager.

The story also inspired the fine 'philosophy student' contribution to the Glass Half-Full/Empty Quotes Collection. The receptionist initially asked if there was a problem with the service or the room, and offered to fix things, but the man said that there was no problem of that sort, and repeated his request. The man asked to speak privately and was taken into the manager's office.This is a widely circulated story from the early 2000s. Here is an adapted version which can be used to illustrate several different themes. During the meal, the priest noticed some signs of intimacy between the bishop and his housekeeper.It appeared online and in emails in many different versions. As the priest was leaving, the bishop said to him quietly, "I can guess what you are thinking, but really our relationship is strictly proper." A few days later the housekeeper remarked to the bishop that a valuable antique solid silver soup ladle was missing - since the young priest's visit - and so she wondered if he might have taken it. So the bishop wrote to the priest: "Dear Father, I am not saying that 'you did' take a solid silver ladle from my house, and I am not saying that 'you did not' take a solid silver ladle from my house, but the fact is that the ladle has been missing since your visit.." Duly, the bishop received the young priest's reply, which read: "Your Excellency, I'm not saying that 'you do' sleep with your housekeeper, and I'm not saying that 'you do not' sleep with your housekeeper, but the fact is that if you were sleeping in your own bed, you would by now have found the ladle." (Adapted from a story sent to me by A Höyden.A pompous king is persuaded by mischievous tailors that a 'magnificent' and extremely expensive suit they have produced for him can only be seen by clever people.In fact there is no suit at all, so when the king wears the suit, the king is actually naked.Your aim therefore, if you are a communicator who uses stories (and any other form of communication media), should not be to reject everything which refers to a disadvantaged stereotype or some other 'potentially offensive' example of human condition or ethnicity; your aim is to be aware of your audience and purpose, and to choose and position your materials and words and references accordingly.