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Quickly wrapping his arms around her waste, he pulled her on top of him and kissed her, much to her surprise."If you're think about us doing what I think you are, not this time." Meetra said bluntly."You wound me Meetra, I'm not that much of a pervert." Naruto said chuckling."Well, it'll be a few hours before we arrive at Ningenia, best we get some rest, it's going to be a long day." Meetra said as she rest her head on Naruto's chest."Yeah..." Naruto said as he closed his eyes.36 hours later An alarm jolted the couple awake as troopers were running through the halls."We've arrived at Ningenia, all troopers to your gunships, this is not a drill." Revan's voice sounded on the inter comm.Meetra and Naruto bolted up as Naruto quickly stripped out of his casual wear and put on his underlay and after his armour, kilt and pauldron."Meetra was doing the same with armour on her arms, an armoured crest and greaves.

A single black garbed ninja jumped down igniting a weapon all too familiar to Meetra and Naruto as Meetra blocked the lightsaber and Naruto shot the assassin. "Should be." Meetra replied."Naruko, we're getting you out of here." Naruto said calmly as the 12 year old blink at him."Papa?Don't fall behind." Naruto ordered."Roger." Meetra and Revan acknowledged.The trio ran forward followed by the troopers firing their weapons as Meetra sent fourth a force push, sending ninjas flying.The pair nodded to each other and ran down the hall to the hanger as troopers continued mounting the gunships and fighters prepared to launch."General, we'll need you to pin point Naruko's location and the entry point." Revan said as he came up to them."No need, I sense her yes, but Vhonte gave more than just a message." Meetra said as she downloaded the intel to all troopers."Good then let's get on board and get down there.I'm not losing my sister to that sick child molesting pig." Naruto snarled as he ran onto a gunship, Revan's and Meetra's eye wide as they got on as well."Naruto did you really mean that? Though I guess I should be glad she's a girl, he seems to favour boys, not much more but still, his subordinates are scum at best, I'm afraid they might do something to her, regardless of her age." Naruto said grimly as the gunships launched from the cruiser and flew down into the planet's atmosphere." Revan asked."Hm, likely this won't be the last time either." Naruto said as the trio of ship rose up from the ground and took off up into the sky before jumping to hyper space.

All the while, a single red armour mandalorian Vhonte Tervho looked at the star port from a building's ledge."Good boy, you're not consumed by hate as to not recognize the ties of blood." Vhonte said as she pulled out a holo emitter.

New Avalon Naruto was currently laying on his bunk, looking up at the roof when Meetra walked in."Naruto? Meetra looked into Naruto's eyes and for the first time, she could genuinely see fear in him. " Naruto asked curiously."Dammit, Obi-Wan." Meetra sighed.

"After Naruto, when you don't have your sister to rescue.""Mm." Naruto replied as he look up and her and smirked.

I guess, Konoha was trying to contact you." Obi-Wan said calmly."Konoha, and why the hell would I help them? "I only have one sister.""You've been gone from that planet a long time.

" Naruto asked."It concerns your sister." Obi-Wan tried."My sister, is all they care about, I have no love for Hikari or her parents." Naruto countered."I wasn't talking about your twin, I'm talking about your younger sister, Naruko." Obi-Wan countered back."Wait... Also I believe Meetra has something to tell you, though from her, it'll be more private." Obi-Wan said as they entered the council room."Hm, young Naruto.

" Naruto said a he breathed to calm his nerves."Know what? " Yoda asked."My former mother was kidnapped by Kumo when she was a child for unknown reasons, possible that they wanted to control her for the Uzumaki fortune." Naruto said calmly."Again, has it happened.

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