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Those who argue for a later date say that Mark was able to include the prophecy about the destruction of the Temple because it had already happened.Most say that Mark was written during the war when it was obvious that Rome was going to exact a terrible vengeance on the Jews for their rebellion, even though the details were unknown.

There are many clear signs that Mark has gone to great lengths to absolve Romans of the responsibility for Jesus’ death — even to the point of painting Pontius Pilate as a weak, indecisive leader rather than the brutal tyrant that everyone knew him to be.Most early dates fall around 65 CE and most late dates fall around 75 CE.Those who favor an earlier date argue that Mark's language indicates that the author knew that there would be serious trouble in the future but, unlike Luke, didn't know exactly what that trouble would entail.Conservative scholars who favor an early date often rely heavily upon a fragment of papyrus from Qumran.In a cave sealed in 68 CE was a piece of a text which is claimed to be an early version of Mark, thus allowing Mark to be dated before the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.Instead of the Romans, Mark’s author lays the blame with the Jews — primarily the leaders, but also to the rest of the people to a certain degree.

This would have made things much easier for his audience.

The inference that Mark’s community was suffering persecution is also sometimes used to argue for a Roman origin, but the connection isn’t necessary.

Many Christian and Jewish communities suffered at this time, and even if they didn’t, simply knowing that somewhere Christians were being killed just for being Christian would have been sufficient to produce fear and doubt.

Volumes have been written on the subject, so we will limit ourselves to a brief explanation.

First, Mark is the shortest of the three gospels, and in ancient literature modifications tend to produce longer accounts rather than abbreviated accounts.

Of course, it wouldn’t have taken divinely inspired prophecy to guess that the Romans and Jews were on yet another collision course.

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