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MUMBAI: They may not be as hot or as well-maintained as Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross or Teri Hatcher, but when it comes to a good ol' roll in the hay — or in this case, the bed — with a man other than their husband, Mumbai's very own desperate housewives are not far behind.

Religion Hi there Deputized Americans Engine replacement I'm so obessesed Wish you could rent a dude from the shelter like you can get a dog Please Help Girlfriend and I broke up after 7 years Friend still talks to my ex?Either way, the lives of these women are as colourful as those in the series Desperate Housewives.The action has come to Mumbai, be it in the tree-lined Carmichael Road or amid the nouveau riches of New Mumbai.“My husband is a bank manager and he travels a lot.Even when he is at home, he continues to be in the same mood or pleads tiredness.a job with kids Do you think it's too late to do certain things in your life?

At the time, I was kinda horny, but didn't accept/refuse his offer.

And though she loves her 45-year-old husband, she cannot rely on him to satisfy her sexual needs.

“But that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a sex life,” she says.

but i posted about cheating on my military husband overseas. he found out today and it's been a downhill spiral.

i withdrew several times and said no when he was pulling me into the bedroom with the other couple. i had been mad about it ever since and being home alone all the time just made the thoughts fester which led me to starting an affair.

“They always ask for a young man because they feel, from experience, that older men are unable satisfy them,” he says.

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