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Levels of a dating - Live adult dating

They also seem to have a very strong "chemistry" and sexual attraction.I'm just curious though, is that enough for a long lasting marriage?

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Husband is a high school dropout which means nothing in and of itself (I am one for that matter)...I once had a very intelligent supervisor I worked for. The wife has a Master's in Social Work and is very much what you'd call an "intellectual".Smart man, knew how to sit in a meeting and absolutely run it, and he wasn't even in charge! She keeps up with current events, reads all the time, has a strong political involvement locally, is into artsy fartsy things..Or, perhaps, that he did stimulate her intellectually, in a way that she had not previously known? Maybe she is into literature, while he is into graphic design (or some such field that she is not well-versed in). Formal education means nothing, nor does affectation of culture. It makes sense that the human pair-bonding process would result in a distribution with tolerances that close.

It seems that the only logical conclusion is that she met his epic johnson before she met his brain.

Those tend to irritate people the most as they happen most often. She keeps up with current events, reads all the time, has a strong political involvement locally, is into artsy fartsy things..

Anyone have experiences to comment on this either way? It does seem a little odd, but hey life is a strange mystery at times.

Being stimulated conversationally, to me, also means learning new things about that person, and new things about yourself. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

To me, that is interesting, stimulating, and gratifying.

The things they do together are simple, like watching an action flick, going out dancing, or taking their kid to the park.

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