Lesbian lankan yaluwo wel katha

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Lesbian lankan yaluwo wel katha

My mother was happy with the progress and let her handle all responsibilities of my studies. api keepa denek ta isahara themenawa thamai, pad ekak adagana yanawa. Kelo gauma usala thatama balanawa samara ayeta thel dalath thiyanawa. Eda thel dala puka massage kara Pushpa Mama sishwathya arang loku iskoleta maru une 85.

Towards half way in my time with her I was becoming good in studies and it became unbelievable the offences she continued to cane me for.

From that day she wanted to tutor me in my room and not in the living room.

On the first day of tutoring in my room she asked me if it is ok to cane me on my buttocks.

I learned from the internet of the teachers who like to cane students.

I was lucky I didn’t get addicted to it like some do.

She told me of girls she has managed to make excellent students by caning them.

She was also telling me that caning was good for me as it makes me a humble lady.Amme without realizing the consequences to me for some time to come faithfully presented the cane that was at home to her.She took me to my room which was in the corner of the upper floor and caned me on my palms.‘Proper caning’ involved with my panties pulled down to knees and me holding my skirt and the underskirt above the level of my waist. I am married to him and he canes me on my back, I wear a padded panty covering all of my backside. I get wet in my P when I get ready for caning he gets stimulated with the caning noise. My aki used to tell me that she used to feel warm and wet in front.Thereafter whenever I was told to come to her place I knew whether I did something wrong or not I will get caned on the bare. I thought as it is inconvenient to remove them she would cane me on the denim. Samahara dawaswala monitors la ta check karana yawanawa. Office eka langa yankota cuts dena sadeta mama bayay. 3 or 4 cuts and we are flying rarely I get six at home. I used to think she was just joking, but she was correct. They used to keep a long eraser in front and press together to stimualate. My buttocks were red and swollen after school caning.Without realizing the gravity I nodded in agreement.

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