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All-Star format The NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race always has some gimmicky elements tied into the $1-million prize.

The answer is probably no, unless the team manages to bump its field from a three-driver operation to four.

C.) Motor Speedway, will include a random draw that will decide whether the top nine, 10 or 11 cars will be mandated to enter pit road for a four-tire stop between segments 2 and 3.

The entire format includes two 50-lap segments with mandatory green-flag pit stops. The goal is to set up a frantic finish."I just wanted to see the race be something that I would want to watch if I was a fan and something that I would want to be proud of if I was the driver that won it," said Brad Keselowski, who reached out to other drivers about revising the format.

Harvick signed to Lyric Street Records in 2004, working with producer Byron Gallimore.

She was once married to singer Daryle Singletary, a native of Georgia, and she thereafter dated former country singer David Kersh, who appeared as a guest on several episodes of The Bad Girls Club.

"Quite honestly, I didn't feel like the formats of the past few years were that way.

So when sitting down and kind of going over it all, I kind of had this overarching theme that I think our sport is best when at the end of the day we have what I call common winds, where everybody is happy.

On May 23, 2009 in Comanche, Texas, Harvick and Kersh married.

Harvick released one single, "Cowgirls", which was co-written by former Arista Nashville artist Ryan Tyler along with Angelo Petraglia and Hillary Lindsey.

Kerry Harvick is a fairly well-known singer known as "the sex kitten of country music." Kerry Harvick has recently been dropped by her record label for irresponsible behavior - her frequent absences from rehearsals and the fact that her writing sessions seemed to pale in importance to her social commitments all led up to the split.

Kerry Harvick has been married, and currently has a boyfriend, but she seems to stray frequently.

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