Kaleidoscope dating sim 1

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Kaleidoscope dating sim 1 - dream meanings dating best friend

Until the insomnia kicked in and he turned sour and bitter, without an ounce of sleep to calm his nerves.

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He wandered the short shelves for a moment before stopping at a section of candy bars. But before he could grab one of the bars, he heard something come from right behind him."Are you looking for this?So, with whatever strength he had left, Cero pushed himself to his feet and pulled the door open.Inside the store it was just as plain as the outside, shelves filled with various products, a cold section in the back which most likely held things like milk. After another curious glance, there was no one at the counter either.Sleep was impossible, and his mind was slowly slipping.Anything that had once inspired him was gone, thus his life as an artist was dissipating through the cracks between his fingers, leaving nothing left but a broken spirit. Sleepless and at a loss of inspiration—It was even more tiring to be this way than to just be without sleep.And because this lack of sleep was affecting his health, he wore a stylish yellow belt to match his outfit; it had a diamond pattern on one side and the other was a mix-mash of buckles.

His goal today was to find some way to fall asleep, something that could force him into dreamland again; anything to get some sleep.

He walked along the sidewalk, his hands in his pockets and his feet dragging along the concrete.

His lips were slightly pursed and his eyes drooped down half way, and doing nothing to hide the dark bags under them.

That he'd dealt with for years, but the pills weren't helping him sleep anymore. It had become intolerable and Cero was losing his mind.

Cero was a twenty-five year old artist on the rise; at least he had been until the insomnia kicked in.

He had short brown hair with a bit of a bedhead style, and with one strand to the right of his face a bit longer, it was dyed yellow and kept in place with two hair clips.

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