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Zimbra also has the unique ability to offer private Instant Messaging using XMPP.At $2 dollars per e-mail account (which doubles as your IM account), you are able to send e-mail and chat completely off the grid in a secure environment.

And most importantly, it’s essential that you stop putting up with the NSA spying on you and your family.

This app is which is very cheap for encryption tech, and it is also relatively unknown.

These two qualities make it a worthless target for the NSA.

Following the NSA leak, independent hosting and email providers are already changing the way their services work in order to workaround the spy grid.

Database administrator Cameron Fillers of California-based Komputer King hosting services told Storyleak: “Komputer King has ongoing efforts to secure its end users privacy and security.

Google and Facebook, for example, hold upwards of 90 percent of the real ‘bulk’ of spying interest. Well, they have yet to go and soak up the ‘little guys’ that use much more advanced technology to deliver a message from point A to B.

And better yet, encrypted chatting plugins make spying on your personal chats within one of these smaller companies beyond difficult.

This protects your sessions from spying of all forms, but it does not protect your actions in regards once again to the mega servers.

For example, even if you’re on a VPN but still chatting on Facebook, it doesn’t make a difference (because Facebook’s server is still capturing your chat while you’re logged in).

Das war eigentlich ziemlich seriös geschrieben, muss ich mir Sorgen machen?

The NSA utilizes the cooperation of major corporations in order to ‘team up’ and gather all of your information — even in real time.

Read: Internet Control: Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Even The Guardian, the publication that released the documents, explains that the NSA appears to have failed at conquering companies like Vine, LINE, Viber, Kik and Kakao Talk.

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