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Thanks to the world-wide web, you can meet a person online and be telling the world about the ferret you two adopted in a T. And because I know that blind dates can feel like a sexually strained shark tank of encounters -- I took a blind date to prom, and he tried to put the corsage -- I feel compelled to help you find a sweet spot to go on your nerve-wracking, forced date. Armed with signs reading “Save Youth Jobs and Save our Future” and “Proud GSA Member for Youth Jobs,” the crowd -- as many as 2,000 people, mostly students in their late teens -- marched to several high-profile locations throughout the city, including the State House. What students are talking about and what's happening on the city's campuses matters.Before suggesting a place to dine with your potential partner, think about what you’re looking for. Every Friday, TNGG Boston will round up a few of the most interesting and well-written stories from student journalists across the area.

By Kacy Emmett The dawn of the Internet gave us many great things: instant connection with loved ones, fast access to information, and dlisted. But no one arrives at the glory of a relationship without putting in the time. All of these bars and restaurants offer different vibes, from casual burgers to By Kevin Clang Hundreds of young people stormed downtown Boston yesterday afternoon, rallying for the allocation of more funds to youth employment programs that create jobs for students.

Each week, we’ll feature a few weekend events we think you should check out.* If you know of an upcoming event that might appeal to our audience, email [email protected] the details. Scott Brown is showing his hypocritical side this week, so I've had to give him both a high-five and a dope slap -- the former for his commitment to equality, the latter for his commitment to appeasing the religious right during an election year. They’ve only gotten richer and more bloated since the 2008 recession, and now they’re threatening Boston-area businesses.

But, in the good news department, the lovely weather we’ve been having could benefit the ailing MBTA.

By Lina Roque Bostonians are known for being fast-paced, intense people -- but yelling your blood pressure through the roof in a case of road rage or during a sporting event is no way to go through life. If you’re looking for a break from your busy urban lifestyle, turn any day into a holiday at one of these Boston spas.

By Anthony Howard Fresh herbs are a great way to add flavor and color to your meals.

By Mike Flanagan When you consider the cultural significance and historically accurate definition of bluegrass, it’s hard to let a group of 30-somethings get away with cashing in on it.

The genre, like any other, developed around the concerns and logistical limitations of the culture that created it.

Today, bluegrass is more of an exercise for modern-day musicians to become well-rounded than a genuine art.

Few, if any, of the original concerns, limitations, and ideas are relevant in 2012.

By Danielle Messler Perhaps the most iconic word of the past year has been “protest.” The flurry of social movements began with the Arab Spring, which culminated in the liberation of several countries from repressive regimes.

magazine recognized this year of rebellion by naming the unnamed protester as its person of the year.

It’s an age-old truth that sex sells -- or, in this case, gets students reading their school newspapers.