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Kristen seems really set on reconciling with Rob and working on their relationship for the long haul. He’s filming in Australia and once he returns, he’ll make a decision as to whether or not he wants to continue a relationship with Kristen.

London Fields is one of the worst movies I’ve seen this year, and I’ll get to sh*tting on it in a second, but first, an odd thing happened TIFF with this movie.

Bae Doo Na's agency stated on March 12, "Bae Doo Na and significant other Jim Sturgess recently broke up." As for the reasons why, the agency chose to stay quiet on the matter.

In other news, Bae Doo Na is currently in France to participate in Louis Vuitton's F/W line for 2015-2016.

There’s obviously nothing going on between Stewart and Sturgess, despite Hollywood Life’s policy of printing fan fiction as journalism.

Robsten fans may have a reason to be nervous — Jim possesses a lot of qualities that Kristen desires, and Robert Pattinson isn’t exactly a hundred percent sure he wants to reconcile with his A source close to Jim tells Hollywood exclusively, “Jim was in town last week for pre-production meetings on his new movie with Kristen and they got along really well!

They were talking up a storm about England and how bad the weather is there. Jim is a really talented musician, so they connected on that a lot too.

There wasn’t any over the top flirting or anything, but Kristen was enjoying herself, she kept touching her hair and she was laughing a lot.Bae Doo Na and Hollywood actor Jim Sturgess are reported to have gone their separate ways.SEE ALSO: Bae Doo Na: 'Jim Sturgess is my boyfriend'The actress confirmed that she was in a relationship with her 'Cloud Atlas' co-star in May of last year, but they were rumored to have been dating for a while before then.Full Story It was announced recently that Kristen Stewart had signed on to an upcoming movie with Jim Sturgess called The Big Shoe. As I noted the other day - click here for a refresher - I was nervous about how it could be a film and at the same time, curious about how it would look as a film as imagined by the Wachowskis. You know, when that girl describes how she went to plant trees somewhere in BC and came back home to Vancouver/Toronto/whatever urban city and decided to get rid of her TV because being with nature “gave me perspective”?Naturally there followed reports that the two were hot for each other and that Robert Pattinson should be worried. Lately I’ve been hearing here and there that Jim and his long-time girlfriend Mickey O’Brien are no longer together. That kind of perspective, to me anyway, is not only corny but also really punch-me-in-the-face annoying.Here’s what Hollywood Life’s (manufactured) Sturgess “source” says: Jim was in town last week for pre-production meetings on his new movie with Kristen and they got along really well!

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