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Nickname: The Big Donkey This is somewhat appropriate because Adam Dunn is just a pile of power, crushing balls whenever he makes contact.Only problem is, it's absolutely always hit or miss with him.

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Just make sure to choose one that matches their personality so it fits them best! Nicknames for Girls If your friend is a girl and acting like a tough-chick gangster, then you should definitely call her something on this list of gangster nicknames.

The main characters name is Miriam Rosangelica Herondale, but was adopted as Evangeline Esther Morgenstern.

She has two alternate personalities based off of her blood: demon blood and angel blood.

For her angel side, she has golden eyes and is named Aurella.

However, at one long point her demon blood is stimulated and she discovers her demonic personality.

If it's not a homer, it's a strikeout—just look at that batting average.

Nickname: The A-Train Anthony Thomas got his nickname while starring at Michigan and absolutely bullying the Big Ten competition, but even after recording 1,000-yard rushing seasons in two of his first three years, the A-Train moniker should have been dropped. D."—as in "All Day"—but this one would have been even more appropriate with the reckless abandonment that he runs with.

We've seen some really cool ones over the years too, it's just not all of them have been to star players.

Earning an alias usually means you've left an impression on another person—regardless of that being good or bad.

Looking for a good gangsta nickname or moniker to make you sound just a little bit tougher?

Perhaps you're a trucker looking for a cool handle or alias to use on your CB, or just a regular Joe looking for an assumed name to use in some online group.

Winning the NBA Dunk Contest two times in 1993 and '95.

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