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But Chat Script has manycapabilities, including rewriting input and sending it back into itself.While novices can easily make sophisticated use of basic features, it takes a programmer’s mind to use the engine fully.

The engine directly supports having an emotional model and remembering things.

The issues you don’t address and how you handle the ones you do will define limitations on your system. One makes tradeoffs all the time and limitations facilitate creativity. Its language capabilities are deliberately limited. Patterns must match all words of an input sentence sans punctuation and are either words or wildcards which match one or more words (*). The other languages can match all these with 1 rule and some like Chat Script can avoid a lot of false matches.

AIML primarily functions by rewriting pieces of its input into a new input, and then processing that.

This individualized repository would be the source of conversational material (Cleverbot style) for replacing a user. We were in discussions to develop a conversational personality as an Applied Minds project co-funded with Fujitsu Labs of America.

But that material would be incomplete because the user wouldn’t have said everything needed for a chat, so Bruce planned a system that would take an input sentence, send it as query to Google, and read a page of Google results to find the sentence most closely responding to the input. Then he added code to store user sentences into a database. But Danny broke his shoulder in a skiing accident, got behind with his paperwork, missed Fujitsu’s funding cycle, and the project nose-dived off the priority list witheveryone except us.

Putting ‘hooks’ into your answers facilitates further chat.

Our original proposal was to replicate every individual user of Blue Mars by storing his chat with a Chat Bot or with other humans.But he had started up a company called Avatar Reality to create a virtual world called Blue Mars[3] and needed someone to help make his avatars as life-like as possible. Its virtue is that it automatically learns more without additional programming. with its 120,000 rules written in AIML[5], the scripting language designed by her author. Before we arrived in Hawaii, Bruce was whisked away from his connecting flight to go to Los Angeles and talk to Danny Hillis of Applied Minds[6] about making ‘The Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer’, a faux-human teaching machine with a personality.Its deficiency is that it is a contradictory mash-up of random human chat, not a clearly defined personality. Its advantage is that you can craft a smooth and consistent personality. This device appeared in Neal Stephenson’s book “The Diamond Age”[7].It does not recursively rewrite and re-submit new input to itself.Faade is not a Chat Bot, but uses natural language input to control an interactive drama.Bruce wrote aproposal, AR agreed and hired him as a consultant.

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