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You can believe that a person that does not hold the same spiritual beliefs as you can love you and that your relationship will work in the long term but this is only the case when one of you is willing to give up a lifetime of dedicated devotion to a certain way of being.This is the long con at play that needs to be resisted.

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It manifests much in the same way that compromise does.

Then you meet a person who drinks but not excessive, and they don’t become a different person once they’re intoxicated.

Your mind then comes to believe that drinking is not the deal breaker you once believed it to be.

When you start diluting your core relationship-belief-system, it starts to alter you as a part of a myriad of interpersonal relationship dynamics.

You find that you are okay to be with an unemployed person who doesn’t even want a job and is content to be another mouth you have to feed because somewhere along the line they persuaded you to compromise your list ‘this one time ‘.

Right’ in order to allow oneself to believe in the prospect of eventually being able to turn ‘Mr. With the aid of months of real-world research, I have found that the only way to be part of the hook-up culture or to understand it is to grasp the concept of ‘compromise’.

At the heart of any compromise is an analytical mind.

As women, we need to insist on our right to remember the things we know we need to be actualised and to swiftly disregard anything or anyone that makes us feel (even a little bit) like we are difficult to love.

About the author Sam wants to live in a world where everyone says what they mean and no one is judged for it.

A person can live a whole life building up an idea of what their perfect mate will be like.

Dating with a view to marriage in the hookup culture requires an ability to let go of the idea of ‘Mr.

One is not a declaration of an intention to remain in mourning forever and the other should not be used to excuse bad behaviour in individuals that you are linked with romantically in an effort to appear more agreeable. Fundamental belief systems are by their very nature, unchangeable.