High rated college re union dating

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Attendance is another reason to have the class reunion at the school.Many classmates may not have been back since they graduated and will be very curious about what changes have occurred.

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Any other time would conflict with the school year and will result in lower attendance.Keep in mind that while the reunion may have to occur in the summer (A busy season for hotels and caterers), there are several weekends that are “soft”.Many times, a hotel sales manager will outright tell you what their “need” dates are.Plan the class reunion around a slow weekend and you could score some great concessions.To learn more, read about how to block hotel rooms for a class reunion. The advantages are tremendous in terms of cost and attendance.Use the recommendations below to brainstorm with the class reunion planning committee and come up with dates, locations, and a theme for your class reunion.

Selecting the dates of the class reunion can be simple or complicated, depending on the choices that are open to you.To learn more, read our article on the advantages of class reunion cruises.In order to determine what kind of class reunion you want to have, you will have to decide on the theme that will attract a maximum number of attendees.Most of these places are near schools and in town so they should not be difficult to find for attendees.While not exactly a location, a class reunion cruise has become an immensely popular choice.Since you will be blocking hotel rooms for out of town guests anyways, why not package the whole event with a banquet too.

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