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C-date har en af de bedste kønsfordelinger blandt casual dating og adult dating sites (modsat det normale, som er masser af mænd og kun få kvinder) Sitet ser ud til at være godt og roses også meget i medierne.Det relativt høje gebyr for mandlige brugere sikrer, at betalende medlemmer faktisk har en realistisk chance for at få spontan, casual sex! Det er præcis også det, der er målet for Flirt Fair: Hvis du melder dig til, skal du dagligt kunne blive præsenteret for nye ansigter.

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Just as likely is that the time and effort required to deal with dodgy ads no longer justified income from the page impressions the sections delivered.

There must be a few ‘not twatish’ men out there, surely?

Avoiding the Antiguan man looking for “clean adult fun” (somewhow, we just don’t think they’d get on), we stumbled across someone looking for a date to a Calvin Harris gig and a 30-something self-confessed “optimistic nihilist”. Then, there’s the essay-length intro from a North London boy who’s quite frankly desperate to get out and do something with a ladyfriend of any description (so long as she’s CUTE).

I mellemtiden er Lisa18 blevet en del af de faste sites inden for casual dating-området i 36 lande.

With hundreds of personal ads going up on Gumtree each week, it pays to be unusual.

The site told a gullible that it had gained 2,500 new members in the last six days, most of them from the most snow-bound areas of the country like Dorset, Devon, Hampshire and Berkshire.

And you thought your colleagues working from home were just mucking about and building snowmen...Managing director Suchi Mukherjee told the BBC it was a difficult decision, but the site could not be all things to all people.The decision is attracting some criticism in Gumtree forums, although many speculate that the real reason for the closure is the shortage of real men and women behind the adverts.Forget just babbling on about your GSOH or that you like long walks on the beach and cuddling up in front of the TV. It’s time to delve once again into the wonderful world of Gumtree dating and see what people are doing in order to attract their perfect mate.Lisa18 er en ny aflægger af verdens største hjemmeside for casual-dating, C-Date. 150.000 danskere, der gerne benytter sig af tilbuddene fra Lisa18.