Great expectation dating service

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Great expectation dating service - good sim dating games for girls

I signed on to a contract with the Dallas, TX office back in 2008.

All in all, I was fed up with these people and never used their resources, for the reasons I stated above. I am continually being harassed by the service in Dallas.One told me they were offered a free subscription just so they could keep the male-female ratio about even.I was kind of arty-fartsy so there were few matches, but since I'd purchased a lifetime membership for that office I didn't really care.We currently do not recommend this online dating service. Please check out our other dating site reviews for recommendations.With 30 years of matchmaking experience, Great Expectations has a distinct advantage over others in the dating industry.Wow, seeing the prices and reviews I guess joining back in the 1980s was a whole lot different.

There were mostly younger professional women back then, and quite a few of them.

This was way before anyone had ever heard of the internet and lonely guys like me would put personal ads in newspapers and magazines.

I did so, rented a post office box, and waited for the responses to pour in. One was from a woman who lived about forty five miles away from me, and the other was from Great Expectations.

After my profile and everything was complete I started looking through women's profiles at the office.

Let's just say, as a 21 year old man, single mothers and older women (90% of the ladies of whom were 30 and above) this was dissatisfying to me.

I was extremely bitter and felt stupid that I threw away so much money.

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