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Hennighan, of Sussex County Technical School for $1,500 awarded jointly by The 200 Club and Knights of Columbus.

Ryan, along with representatives from businesses and groups that served as partners to present the scholarships, acknowledged 12 individuals whose college education will be a bit more manageable due to the generosity of the club.

There is no coming back from your ambition because there is only success ahead of you.

Be successful, don't allow the doubters to challenge you, don't allow the small defeats along the way stop you.

I, the Human History of Sport Diving in America, and is already busy working on Volumes II through V.

Zale is a recipient of the NOGI Award for Distinguished Service, DEMA's Reaching Out Award, the Women's Scuba Association Scuba Diver of the Year Award, and the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Education Award.

In 2001, Zale was made a "Lifetime Ambassador at Large," by The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences.

During my career, I was able to do a lot of traveling and worked with a number of different police and security agencies.

Since retiring from the Air Force, I have written six books in the Jim West series.

My goal was to do five, if possible, and then to regroup.

From the 1950s through the 1990s, Zale remained in demand as an actress and underwater stuntwoman for all the Hollywood studios (she never had to audition for a part).

Her credits include, Kingdom of the Sea, Sea Hunt, GE Theatre, Wagon Train, Peter Gunn, and more.

I'm proud to say that I'm up to six (soon to be seven) Jim West mysteries, two novels in my Clint Smith international thriller series, and three books in my Enchanted Coin series for young readers.

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    Etruscan elements, formerly considered originating in Latin, would indicate a connection between the ancient Sardinian culture and the Etruscans. Suffixes in /a, e, o, u/ -rr- found a correspondence in north Africa (Terracini), in Iberia (Blasco Ferrer) and in southern Italy and Gascony (Rohlfs), with a closer relationship to Basque (Wagner and Hubschmid).

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