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Each girlfriend has their own different tastes to the three activities, as well as Carl's physical appearance.After a certain number of successful dates, Carl may be invited back to her place for "coffee" (sex), and once the relationship status is maxed, Carl will receive a unique outfit from the girlfriend.

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The girlfriend's date can also be ruined by not taking them home after five minutes of a date, even if the date went well.The other girlfriends, who are encountered during gameplay rather than being attached to missions, are Michelle Cannes, Barbara Schternvart, Helena Wankstein and Katie Zhan.Michelle, Katie and Helena become available to date once Flint County, Whetstone and San Fierro are unlocked (although Helena is first encountered in Red County, which is accessible from the start of the game, she does not appear until the second region is unlocked).Barbara becomes available once Tierra Robada, Bone County and Las Venturas are unlocked.Michelle is the only girlfriend who is found in an interior.| OG Loc (Jeffrey Cross) | T-Bone Mendez | Guppy | Zero | Maccer Benny | Bettina | Berkley | Big Poppa | Bogman | Claude | Construction Foreman | Alan Crawford | Derek | District Attorney | Dope | Dwaine | Emmet | Freddy | Colonel Fuhrberger | Gal | Hazer | Jimmy Hernandez | Jethro | Jose | Kane | Maria Latore | Ran Fa Li | Liquor Store Bandits | Little Bill | Little Lion | Little Weasel | Mike | Su Xi Mu | Ralph Pendelbury | Marco Forelli | Old Reece | Jimmy Silverman | Johnny Sindacco | The Snakehead | Sunny | Big Bear (Barry Thorne) | Tony | Vagos gang members (Running Dog) | B Dup (Mark Wayne) | Mr.

Whittaker | Preacher Bishop | The Dossier Carrier | The Informant | The Journalist | The Reporter Richard Burns | Billy Dexter | Lianne Forget | Forth Right MC | The Funktipus | Julio G | Johnny Lawton | Lazlow | Christy Mac Intyre | Maurice | Mary-Beth Maybell | Phillip Michaels | Hans Oberlander | Johnny Parkinson | James Pedeaston | Marshall Peters | Mary Phillips | Peyton Phillips | Sage | Tommy Smith | Derrick Thackery | Marvin Trill Mary Alexander | Mike Andrews | Big Devil | Bobby | CM Pink | Joey Leone | Tommy Vercetti | Mary Ellen | Herbie | Ho Chi | Beverly Johnson | Brian Johnson | Carl Johnson's Father | Ah Ah Kung | LB | Little Devil | Mickey | General Mills | Pabsy | Tony | Jezz Torrent | Avrindar Fraser Ashley | Morgan August | G.

Meanwhile, eldest sister Jana, 27, is still single!

Alex Rodriguez girlfriend list includes some of the most prominent celebrity loves and lovers of the Yankees baseball star.

Millie and Michelle have unique dating activities the other girls do not have: For Millie, by simply appearing in a gimp suit (which will be in Carl's wardrobe after their first encounter) to pick her up, regardless of Carl's progress with Millie, she will offer to have sex with him and the progress will increase.

For Michelle, instead of driving her around, she might ask to be the one who will drive, and as long as Carl does not bail out of the car, the date will be successful.

However, this does not apply if Carl remains outside the girlfriend's geographic area.

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    Useful for those who are a bit shy, and prefer to take things gradually.