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What made that retraction unusual was that it came after Charite – Universitatsmedizin Berlin, where Nitsch and some of his co-authors worked at the time, recommended a retraction even though the journal had originally agreed to a correction at the authors’ request.

While clearly disapproving of any kind of scientific misconduct and doing our utmost to uncover any such incident, we feel that unjustified allegations of this sort are equally dangerous.

In an unusual move, a German university has issued a statement calling into question “the scientific honesty” of a whistleblower, and suggesting that his emails were “dangerous.” Some background: Off and on here at Retraction Watch, we have been following a complicated case involving Robert Nitsch, a scientist at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University.

In August of last year, we reported on the retraction in the of a paper on which Nitsch was a co-author.

On the one hand, we don’t see any reason to bring personal issues into allegations of scientific misconduct, or use insults.

That approach, as we’ve told whistleblowers who contact us, gives institutions a reason to dismiss a whistleblower’s concerns, legitimate or not. But we are also on the record insisting that institutions and journals take whistleblower allegations seriously, even if they are anonymous.

We are indeed convinced that scientific misconduct poses a significant threat to science and society.

We would like to inform you, however, that we received hundreds of e-mails form Dr. Many of those e-mails lack scientific standards and contain personal insults to Professor Nitsch and his family. Kühbacher in mails addressed to Professor Nitsch are quoted below (in italics): e-mail from January 9, 2012: Dear Mr.

(translated from German to English) e-mail from March 24, 2012: Dear Robert, Did you know that a “shit storm” in science has never been initiated as yet?

e-mail from June 14, 2012: Dear Professor Nitsch, In case you forgot: Checkmate!

We considered it important to provide you with this background information, which may be helpful in assessing further e-mails you may be receiving from Dr. The letter is signed by university president Georg Krausch, vice-president for research Ulrich Förstermann, and ombudsman Jürgen Knop. We understand, for example, that Nitsch took Charite – Universitatsmedizin Berlin to court over the forced retraction, and lost.

We have mixed feelings about the unusual letter from Johannes Gutenberg.

Nitsch, The story with the “academic freedom” was obviously also true for the “social relations” between your colleagues and your first wife?