Geek dating behavior

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An inability to hold conversations out side of their limited spheres of interest. Keyboards and game controllers covered in Cheeto dust.Collections of geeky ephemera that make episodes of Hoarders look like testaments to organization and cleanliness. You may not anyone who does in your circle of friends. When you call yourself a geek, these are the stereotypes you’re going to be facing.

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Geeks and nerds are in a pop-culture ascendency at the moment, and with Valentine’s Day coming up and con season arriving soon afterwards, it’s no small wonder why our geeky brethren are feeling the urge to find relationship and SOON.The problem, of course, is that many nerds feel that being geeky or nerdy is a hindrance. It’s not terribly surprising; most geeks, especially geek guys, are taught all their lives that they’re going to be a sex-free zone.The popular culture still tends to portray geeks as socially retarded man-children who can’t relate to a woman that doesn’t exist on on the computer screen or in the pages of a comic or magazine, and a their social misfortunes; being unable to find someone who could look below the nerdy surface and appreciate all the love they have to give makes them a poetic figure, suffering because he or she nobly refuses to lower their standards and accept anything less than and they revel in their pain.You don’t have to toss ’em, but it posters, game tie-in “feelies” like cloth maps, any statues or toys that involve scantily clad women and any and all pillow cases and bedsheets.Similarly, it’s time to consider putting away the LEGO dioramas and action figure collections, especially if nobody else is allowed to touch ’em.It’s a common fallacy; we get so hung up on the “geek” label that we forget that we’re still people too.

Just being a geek isn’t going to guarantee an instant attraction, nor will it cover up flaws in your hygiene or behavior.A geek who smells isn’t gonna get a pass out of nerdy solidarity, nor is a creepy-acting nerd going to be forgiven just because he’s wearing a Tardis t-shirt.Whether you’re interested in dating the cute geek from the comic store, the hot businessman or the former cheerleader, you need to be able to live up to basic standards. A case of arrested development living in their parent’s basement, unable to live out in the “real world”.Sad but true: many geeky guys are interested in geeky girls because, frankly, to them it’s a pass from having to develop social skills.After all, you’re both geeks; she should understand and forgive you for being socially awkward without your having to make any effort to improve on your part!Prone to intellectual snobbery and full of condescension to others, using their intellect like a bludgeon to try to make others feel stupid.

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