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To apply for a credit card when your credit is bad, you must have sufficient income that exceeds your expenses (including mortgage or rental payments).Think which option will be the best for you and avoid applying for too many credit cards in a short period of time.When you are turned down, call the credit card issuer and ask for reconsideration.If you have a relative with good credit, there is another option for you – you can become an authorized user or have him/her as a co-signer on your card.If you do not have anyone to help you, you can go with a store credit card or with a student credit card, if you are a student.If you are just starting out, you will need to find credit card offers exclusive to limited or no credit consumers.

When you open a credit account, it is important to understand how credit works and the importance of paying card bills on time each month.Understanding how grace periods work and being able to budget your money to pay off your balance in full each month can help you boost your credit history more efficiently. Most store credit cards will be good for building credit.However, it is always worth making sure the store credit card you are going to apply with will actually be reported to one or all three major credit bureaus.Getting a credit card when you have no credit history or a very limited one can seem hardly possible.However, there are several cards that a person with limited credit history can get in order to build up credit scores.Having a checking or savings account is also important because many cards require the applicants to have an active bank account.