Friend dating a bad guy

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We can’t go anywhere without someone asking us, “How can I tell my friend-daughter-sister-niece-cousin she is dating the wrong guy?”We recently received an email from a woman who was panicked about her sister’s upcoming wedding. She’s engaged to a total loser and is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. She cooks, she cleans, and she pays his bills while he sits around playing video games all day. We are a community of women, and we need to be real and honest with one another.

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Catching your friend's mate at a bar with someone else might have an innocent back story, he said, and people should get the benefit of the doubt before you start sowing seeds of doubt.She was O'Malley's first girlfriend, and he liked the idea of having one, and he wasn't sure he could do any better.Yes, she would tell him his interest in "Dungeons & Dragons" was stupid."And the most critical thing is for them to be there to provide support when the person needs it."[email protected] to say If you think you are justified in discussing your concerns with your friend, ethicist Bruce Weinstein recommends the "praise sandwich" technique of giving criticism, where you start and end with compliments.Express how much you value the friendship, then express what troubles you, then reiterate how much you care. If it's distasteful behavior, Weinstein would apply the ethics principle of respect for others and recommend keeping your opinion to yourself, because chances are the friend is aware of the behavior and is choosing to accept it."We have to honor the choices that other people make that we wouldn't make for ourselves," Weinstein said.

"You don't know what need this person is filling in your friend's life."But if it is harmful, the ethics principle of preventing harm comes into play."If you have solid evidence that this is the kind of person they are, you not only have a right to tell your friend, you have an obligation," Weinstein said.Staying mum until an epiphany hits is one way to support a friend who is dating someone you despise. In a study that examined the behavior of 500 college students who strongly approved or disapproved of a friend's relationship, two-thirds of those polled believed conveying their feelings influenced the course of the relationship, though most said it was a slight effect. Almost 15 percent of people who disapproved of their friend's relationship believed their reaction contributed to the relationship becoming stronger, known as the Romeo and Juliet effect, according to the study, published in 2011 in the journal Personal Relationships.Wiedner worried that expressing her reservations when she hadn't been asked would fall on deaf ears and cause her friend to clam up or hide her boyfriend's negative behavior."It's about keeping the lines of communication as open as possible," she said.Yes, he would need to get her permission far in advance to hang out with his friends, and then sometimes she'd show up anyway and drag him away.Yes, their fights were ugly and often would end in manipulative tears."And he would ditch her, or not show up to things." Her friend, who had always been social, suddenly was rarely going out.