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He was a refined and urbanized version of Said Nursi.Ironically, unlike beardless Said, he was fond of his well-groomed stylish beard.

He has been delivering free books about a new theory of evolution and he is gaining foothold in Central Europe, mainly France and Germany. Concerning the issue with Word Press, he is using the holes in the Turkish Internet law. He made the same move against the web site Eksi Sozluk (An open dictionary) which is the stronghold of democracy on Internet for the Turkish community.Adnan Oktar is a cult leader who have enslaved many children of rich and elite.His sexual and mental abuse of his subjects is a well known fact to Turkish people.After reading the article, you will decide it for yourself.Adan Oktar, who later started using the nickname Harun Yahya, was my apprentice in mid 1980’s.(Religious clerics, on the other hand, managed to grow ugly-looking beards by cutting their mustache short and shaving their hair, resembling Franciscan monks). He would always keep a certain distance between himself and his followers and would treat them as if they were his children, though he was only seven or ten years older than them.

He would pat the heads of his young pupils and encourage them to work for the mission and they would accept this charming and patronizing treatment with delight.After I left Turkey, they submitted to Turkish prosecutors some of my article critical of repressive laws, Turkish military’s meddling with politics, and racist policies against Kurds.I recently learned that, upon this audacious cult’s campaign against me, there are now several charges against me in Turkish courts, and I am sought by police.By using backward laws in Turkish legal system, he was able to ban my site.Though I hired an attorney in Turkey from Arizona, and though I transferred the article from (which was very popular among progressive minded muslims in Turkey) to another site, and though my attorney removed the court’s order for ban, yes despite all of those, his cult was able to use their informants and connections in Turkish Telecom to keep my site blocked for Turkish population.His confession in police alone, which is corroborated by his former followers to details, is sufficient to put him behind bars.