Free sex chat teens 13 15

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Free sex chat teens 13 15

Whether he'd actually be prosecuted or not is another matter, but never mind "many jurisdictions".

Your son is nearly sixteen, and that means he's clearly beyond the point where you can 'make' him do things - and it seems like you agree based on your question.Can you explain to yourself why you think this is wrong?Is it purely because he could get into trouble with the law? Is it because you're worried he or his girlfriend might get hurt?While we had our differences particularly at that age, this conversation went miles better than I suspect many do.The main consequences you want to discuss: I'm sure there's more, but that's what I can think of, largely based on what my parents talked about with me and what my wife said her parents and school did (My school wasn't so forward thinking, sadly).Nonetheless it's very important to structure it that way.

I wasn't a big fan of how my parents dealt with situations like this with me, though fortunately it wasn't all that important because I was a curious, research-oriented kid who learned a lot about this on my own, and I was also very consequence-averse.It's still an offence, though, even if the other party consents (which legally they cannot do under any circumstances if under 13, but can in some circumstances from 13 ). They would even face time each other all night whilst sleeping just to feel close to each other.The Sexual Offences Act 2003 is the thing to check for the details, but the questioner is correct to say that it would be illegal. (I did put a stop to it when I found out.) You have probably noticed that your can't control your son's actions by force or persuasion anymore, if you ever could.But the one thing they did right, was when my father did have a conversation with me (at about 16, in fact), it was focused on the first part of the below.He treated me like an adult, didn't try to tell me "you can't have sex" or even "you shouldn't have sex", just focusing on discussing what I should think about before I choose to have sex, and what those possible consequences are.However, I don't really see that there is much I can do to prevent it.

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