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Laws around what age someone can get a tattoo or piercing without a parent’s consent are set by the local municipality (city government) and differ from region to region, and even from studio to studio.

There are some exceptions: ”Close in age”: 12 and 13 year-olds can be sexual with other young people that are no more than two years older than them. Does my doctor have the right to tell my parents about my health? That said, many people in positions of authority are prohibited by their places of work from engaging in sexual activities with their clients, patients, and students of any age. Position of authority: You must be 18 or older in order to be sexual with someone who is in a position of trust or authority, such as a doctor, teacher, or counsellor.Scholar’s Choice works directly with daycare centres, on site, to equip them with the educational supplies, resources, games, and even furniture needed to create a fun learning environment for children.School teachers can also count on Scholar’s Choice when they have a specific environment they wish to create, when they want to provide supplemental learning challenges or opportunities for stronger students, or when they need extra assistance with learning resources for students that are not meeting their full potential.If you are concerned about how your parents treat you, please give us a call or chat with us when Live Chat is available.

We are anonymous and confidential, and we can explore with you ways to keep safe and improve your situation. Some other things to be aware of: Most young people will be able to get a prescription for oral contraceptives (birth control pills) at age 16 from a doctor or health clinic.Doctors and health clinic staff members will also provide women under the age of 16 with contraceptives, if they are judged as ‘mature minors.’ You can ask about their confidentiality rules when you are making your appointment. The age at which a young woman can get an abortion without her parent’s consent or knowledge depends on the age of majority in her region.It can be difficult to figure out how you feel about sex when there are laws that allow or prohibit sexual activity in your particular situation.If you’re thinking about becoming sexually active and have questions about being ready or what is legal, or, if you just want to think through your unique situation, you can always call a counsellor at Kids Help Phone. Back to top The age at which a young person can access health services confidentially will depend on two things: 1) The age of majority for your province or territory (usually 18 or 19).For more information, visit our Tattoos and piercings pages.

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