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The Montgomery Police Department was established in 1820 as the primary law enforcement body for the City of Montgomery.The Montgomery Police Department is currently allocated 524 sworn officers and 200 civilian employees.

The actual costs of crime are difficult to measure; there cannot be a dollar value assigned to the broken bodies, ruined lives, and human misery which are the products.The administration of criminal justice consists of identification, arrest, prosecution, punishment, and rehabilitation of the violator; the objective of which is voluntary compliance with the law.Once a crime has been committed, the duty of the department is to initiate the criminal justice process by identifying and arresting the perpetrator, to obtain necessary evidence, and to cooperate in prosecution of the case.Those who have worked along side Bentley and Mason fear to speak publicly, but they say privately, she is not just the power behind the throne, she only allows Bentley to believe he occupies that royal seat.They are a team, but only in the sense that she runs the games, and he follows her lead.However, it is possible to observe the steadily mounting cost of lost and stolen property.

This loss, as well as the other costs of crime, must ultimately be borne by the victims.

Only poor people use them anyway,” according to two individuals in the meetings. Bentley held a press conference just hours after Collier, where he apologized for inappropriate remarks he made to Mason, which had recorded.

When asked if Mason had asked him to stop making such remarks, he said, “No.” And in a moment reminiscent of President Bill Clinton’s denial of his affair with Monica Lewinsky, the Governor said, he did not have sexual relations with Mrs. Collier and others have said that sexting, and other inappropriate behavior was witnessed by staff and law enforcement.

Crime is a symptom of ills within society which is not the responsibility of the department to cure.

The department is responsible, however, for interacting with the community to generate mutual understanding so that there may be public support for crime prevention.

It is not the role of the department to legislate, to render legal judgments, or to punish.

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