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Moreover, the application is free, so you're invited to try it out. It's also got messaging and calling features similar to those of Skype and Google Hangouts.Moreover, the app is cross-platform, so you'll be able to reach your friends on ICQ nomatter what they compute on. oo Voo is a more familiar "does it all" type of messaging and video app.

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If you have everything you need for interactive communication on the Internet, you can greatly improve your life. In the video chat you see each other, taking part in a real conversation.

Inspired by others before us who we've had the same problem and found a bunch of alternatives, we picked out five really good apps for free video chats, text messages, and all that there is to messaging, really!

Some are a little different in the way they work, others are pretty standard, and then there's even one optimized for low-end devices!

Do not forget that when communicating in video chat, you must follow certain rules of etiquette.

So as people can see and hear you, try to have a good look.

Such dating usually end of exchange of contacts data (), then the possible real meetings.

It is so familiar to video chats can change your privacy.Tango is one of the first video chat apps on Android, which means it has had enough time to mature and grow into a stable, feature-rich application.It offers free video calls, voice calls, and text chat.You can select some preferences, but you still will not know who will be next to your companion.Most video chat - for free, so you never have to worry about money. Simply choose the desired video chat and communicate here.