Frankie delgado dating 2016

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Frankie delgado dating 2016

We knew as producers that when Lauren sees her, that’s going to be a great moment. Then, because of that, we try to say, ‘Okay, let’s not broadcast the fact that Kristin’s going to be there because that’s going to be a great moment on camera.’”Many viewers wondered if Heidi and Spencer’s relationship and marriage was faked for the show, but producers insist that wasn’t the case.Di Santo: “It was clear that off camera, too, they had a real bond there and true love.

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As producers, for us the challenge is getting access to what we know is the real story.

I think every single scene we shot with him is on television.”Lauren Conrad’s mascara tears during her fight with Audrina in season 4 have become the GIF that keeps on GIF-fing from that producers had slowed down her single tear to make it even more dramatic, and that, “Whoops,” she wasn’t wearing waterproof mascara.

The producers actually received letters asking why she didn’t think to apply makeup that would withstand her tears.

It would be a little strange in the episode when we’re supposed to be in a kind of real-time scene for [the tear] to slow down. She used to say, ‘Guys, I'm so tired of crying on the show.’” history.

We would joke that we’d have these scenes where Lauren is finally going to talk to Audrina, and we would swear that Lauren would wear the runny mascara where because of that, she would literally ‘win’ the scene. Does she wear the runny mascara because she wants to [win]? There’s a question as to whether or not Lauren Conrad will show up to see the nuptials of her former best friend and avowed nemesis.

Di Vello: “The mascara thing just happened, and it became a thing.

Most of the time when we were shooting, we would be sitting on their balcony, like six or seven of us crammed on this tiny little balcony.We introduced Kristin in [the wedding episode], which was great.It made sense that Kristin came along, because season 1 of for the last two seasons.”Travis: “I think we had fun with Kristin being at the wedding.We decided to use it as a platform to say goodbye to Lauren.We did the pull-away shot with the car and went through Lauren’s memories of being on the show, and it was a nice farewell send-off…Of course, none of this could have happened without a boatload of tension and drama. Heidi had to go into Lauren’s job to hand-deliver an invitation. Then, we got a nice, sweet moment: Heidi and Lauren meeting [at the wedding], and Lauren genuinely wishing her the best.”Di Vello: “I know Heidi really did want Lauren there, and it was nice that she did end up going.

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