Expat dating in beijing

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Expat dating in beijing - Free web chat with girls without having to make a profile

The way we move across countries, actually continents, is pretty much on our own, without the support of a big company that sends us on an all-expenses-paid 3-year assignment with return ticket.We do our own research and figure things out by just doing them, finding help independently when we need it.

Living as I do in a city as vibrant and bizarre as Beijing has its good points – and its bad.A change like this may teach you things about yourself you weren’t aware of before (it definitely did for us).This section helps you to explore what to expect and potential challenges to help make the move successful.Expat Dating is a multi-lingual International online dating site aimed at helping expatriates, and expats travelling and dating abroad or foreigners share the adventure of discovering and getting to know foreign cultures and shores.Or, if you find the locals too different, you can find someone from your own culture in the same region to hook up with and compare notes with or chat about "home" with.They are likely different from someone who lives in an expat complex and has a car with driver.

Leaving the “expat bubble”, as a friend who lives in the “bubble” himself called it, can make for a great experience. Making the move from a Western country to a city of over 20 million in China is a huge change, even if you have moved to other countries and experienced different cultures before.Here you also find practical guides to transportation in Beijing and how to use subway, buses, taxis. Find out where to go for western groceries, tips for eating out in Chinese restaurants, and more.This section of the website covers every day activities like shopping, eating and having fun. Also read about the people you will encounter here, both Chinese and expats, and challenges you may face.The Beijing Expat Guide provides great information and resources for new or soon-to-be Beijing expats.But even if you have been in Beijing for a while already, you may still find some useful new info and maybe want to contribute your own experiences.Like where to buy Thai basil and lemon grass in Beijing, how to use the bus system, what taxes to pay, etc., just the everyday normal life stuff that travel guides and relocation sites usually don’t cover.

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