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With 5 lithographs by pierre alechinsky [1 double-page in 8 colours on wrappers ; 2 (in brown and in red) and 2 in b/w.].

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(keywords: cremaster, Matthew Barney, Kunsthalle Bern); FINE COPY; [ with picture ] Düsseldorf (Städtische Kunsthalle) 1990; 244 pp.; big format exhibition catalogue of a show curated by Harald Szeemann with contributions in German by various authors (amongst which Fuchs, Power, Diacono, Tournier) on his paintings and sculptures; with b/w and colour illustrations; softcover ; 30,5 x 27,5 cm; [near] FINE COPY Hannover (Kestner-Gesellschaft) 1987; 55 pp.; exhibition catalogue with contributions by Stephanie Barron, Eric Darragon, Andreas Franzke, Carl Haenlein, A. Hammacher and an interview with the artist; softcover with dust jacket; 27 x 21 cm; [near] FINE COPY Text von Gottfried Boehm.

However, the working-class Moreros soon realize they do not fit in with the upper-class residents of het Gooi.

Other problems in the Moreros' life include Martin's constant philandering and their continued yet unsuccessful attempts at having a baby.

Free-spirited artist Anouk Verschuur specializes in making highly erotic art.

Anouk herself is also blessed with a very healthy libido which leads her into the arms of many a stranger, although she is still not completely over her pilot ex-husband Tom Blaauw, with whom she has a daughter, precocious Vlinder.

Ruthless divorce lawyer Claire van Kampen is struck by personal tragedy which pushes her estranged daughter Merel even further away, while plunging the two into financial difficulties.

Claire must come up with ever more drastic schemes to keep their heads above water.The four women confide in each other and in their enigmatic psychiatrist Dr. Meanwhile mysterious Thai au pair Tippi Wan seems to have an agenda of her own, manipulating and scheming her way into the lives of the four women.Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply. tent.; Amsterdam (Kunsthandel Huinck & Scherjon) 1933; unpag.; exhibition catalogue with a text in French by André Salmon and a list of items shown; with mounted colour illustration of flower still life on front cover; stapled wrappers; place and date of exhibition written on front cover; rare; 25 x 18 cm Antwerpen (Middelheimmuseum) 2001; 67 pp.; exhibition catalogue published on the occasion of the acquisition of a sculpture for open air; the catalogue provides an overview of the infrequent works Andre has created exclusively for outdoor since 1968 of which many have been destroyed or have disappeared as a result of the transitory nature of the materials they were made of; with b/w and colour illustrations; softcover; oblong format [ 16 x 21 cm ]. About the first 40 pages are color photos by New York City photographer by Thibault Jeanson of the exhibit - several fold-out. Krefeld (Kunstmuseen der Stadt Krefeld) 1981; unpag.; exhibition catalogue of a show in which Andre installed 4 wood sculptures in the Mies van der Rohe building; with a text in German by Gerhard Storck and b/w installation views; softcover; 30 x 21 cm New York, New York: Dia Center for the Arts, 1995 Concerns an art exhibit by Ann Hamilton from October 7, 1993 - June 19, 1994 made possible by the Dia Center for the Arts. With 208 illustrations including 50 plates in full color (also tipped-in color frontispiece). AS NEWNEAR FINE COPY Bruxelles, Librairie Nationale d'Art et d'Histoire G.

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