Did ellen page dating joseph gordon levitt

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Did ellen page dating joseph gordon levitt

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Neither he nor Page arrived with publicist or entourage in tow — both speak more like New York stage actors than L. celebrities; Gordon-Levitt said that he doesn’t see his participation in a 0-million summer film as a surrender to the mainstream because “Inception” flies in the face of most popcorn-film conventions.

Of course, both of them roll their eyes at the expectations and even pretensions that come bundled with that sort of statement — but they also talk freely and articulately about their frustrations with media of the moment and the paradoxes of stardom.

Page, a Nova Scotia native with bird bones and a steady gaze, made her screen debut at age 10 in a Canadian television movie and turned 23 a week after this last Valentine’s Day.

The time in New York propelled him back toward acting in 2004 with a resolve to work only in high-quality and indie fare.

His work in “Brick,” “Stop-Loss” and, especially, has given a new trajectory to his career and made him restless at the same time.

I feel like they would have looked for people that were less unexpected, if that makes sense.

You’re in this position because you’re an awesome actress, because of your talent and the quality of your work.and Charlize Theron and took an animal-watching adventure.Joining Leo today were his costars in the movie Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who headed to Europe without his new girlfriend, Devon Aoki.This summer, for instance, director Joe Carnahan veered from his indie-fare career to make “The A-Team” and sounded resigned when explaining his remake of a cheesy 1980s television show: “It’s getting tougher to lead out there with your chin and finance something that doesn’t have the loyalty of a fan base…there’s billions of dollars at stake now, and that fundamentally alters the DNA of how we make films.” Ever the optimist, though, Gordon-Levitt believes technology is the force that will give rise to better art and less cookie-cutter entertainments.Page, however, an old soul in a vintage T-shirt with a bandanna knotted at her neck, is trying to step away from the digital noise of today so she can hear the pop and hiss of the human condition.Leo's one of the blockbuster boys of Summer whom you're most excited to see, and he's equally enthusiastic about his project hitting the big screen — he opened up during a junket for the film to say he hopes audiences will be in for a big surprise.