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The excuse given in other issues (which were closed) makes no sense; first, if one uses Telegram in both a mobile phone and a tablet (just an example) there will be different secret chats in different devices and second, if one thinks people might get confused by seeing different secret chats in different devices, one would solve that problem by educating people on the reasons for such a behaviour, not by removing such a vital feature from Telegram's most emphasized feature is security, it even could be said that it's main guideline of it's philosophy.

And while I can see you have a bounty for security flaws.Nothing is quite as hot as an innocent desi teen showing you her meaty, brown pussy lips and spreading her legs wide to reveal the pink goodness they have kept hidden inside for years.These sexy girls are broadcasting directly from countries where this type of porn is highly frowned upon, so these hot young teens are breaking all sorts of rules to share their tight, young, caramel-skinned bodies with you.So however you justify it, omitting secret chats means going against that philosophy. @Brawl345 Unless the developer has a better way to see support for a feature 1's and "me too" replies are the best way to get visibility on this issue.— Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub #871 (comment) .Uniting cloud sync for messages and attachment across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices, very fast and reliable mobile apps, file sharing up to 1.5GB (for a single file), group conversations for up to 200 members, message history search (from the cloud — for all ever sent messages right after sign in on any device).

All those features together are not in any other (known to me, maybe) "just instant messenger". @telegramdesktop your main page suggests you can have "private conversations".

My two cents: ( 1) My reasons for needing secret chats in the desktop version are not related to that is the most promoted feature of the service or just because it's cool.

Telegram service is very good and I use it a lot at work, is so good that my colleagues and my company decided to use internally.

Not being able to see the source means we're just sort of taking your word for it that things really are secure.

@telegramdesktop While it's true that Telegram is probably better than any other IM app out there, encrypted and self-destructing messages are one of the key "selling" points, at least according to the official website.

Whether or not these are (1) device specific secret chats, (2) potentially group secret chats, or (3) potentially confusing, is of secondary importance. Without e2e encryption you guys are just an instant messenger, there's a ton of those already in existence.

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