Debbie cat lover dating video

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Debbie cat lover dating video - Free fucksites no credit cards

(It has had more than 789,000 views since it was uploaded June 3.) Several comments under the video indicate how they're in on the joke, and hope to see her on SNL"!

If at first you don't succeed ..or fake, this hilarious video seems destined to become part of the You Tube canon.

'e Harmony Video Bio' was uploaded to You Tube earlier this month on June 3, ...

The requested URL /debbie-cat-lover-dating-video-3031was not found on this server.

Now, I think that honesty is always the best policy, but there are some things that are may be better left unsaid, or at the very least, until someone gets to know you a little better.

I love cats too, in fact, you will be hard pressed to find a bigger cat lover than me.

And now, the whole world connected through social networking will know the love that dares to meow loudly over and over again, through her "e Harmony Video Bio." But we have a feeling that "Debbie" is a character, and that Cara Hartmann, whose You Tube channel uploaded the viral vid, is pulling a fast one on all of us.

(See her other video, on "Siamese" twins Cara and Kara.) And that's OK, because Debbie is HIGH-larious. The video is already blazing a fanbase amongst my Facebook friends and is sure to grab others' attention.I knew it was going viral when all of Afghanistan was talking about it!No, I put the video on You Tube late one night because Facebook’s video feature wasn’t working.We are in an age where you can download an app right to your phone and have a date within minutes. You can swipe, add, wink, almost marry someone online. This next viral sensation, however, takes her online love of cats to previously untold heights of absurdity.

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