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She also has lectured at the DGA-sponsored LA Asian Film Festival, as well as various other symposia for the Sherman Oaks Experimental College.

Marilyn has been a guest speaker at various colleges and writers’ colleges all over the country. In live theater, Marilyn co-produced the West Coast premiere of the musical “God Bless You Mr. In addition to producing a variety of programming for the cable/ pay TV market. Among her credits as film producer are “Real Women Have Curves” for HBO, which won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival; “A Certain Desire,” starring Sam Waterston; and “Echoes,” which won the Gold Award at the Texas International Film Festival. Atlas is a talent and literary manager and award-winning producer.In this section you will have to include your payment method and details.

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She previously produced the musical version of “Real Women Have Curves” in Los Angeles in 2009 and is involved in the current development of “Real Women Have Curves” for 2017.

Her Lifetime movie “The Choking Game” based on the YA book by Diana Lopez aired in the summer of 2014. She is the co-author of a relationship-based, screenwriting guide called “Dating Your Character,” about an organic approach to character creation for Stairway Press’s Summer 2016 catalog.

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